Rules & Regulations


  • Every student has to strictly follow the rules and regulations mentioned below
  • Ragging and eve-teasing are forbidden by law.
  • Destroying or damaging the college property, furniture, buildings, labs, defacing of wall and furniture, window glasses, electronic or electrical goods or any other property of the college or of any students, faculty or staff is a serious offence, the person responsible for damaging the property will have to compensate the loss. Students are forbidden from sitting on steps of any building at any time of the day.
  • The corridors, parking space, canteen, library block, MDES administrative block are not meant for assemblies and chatting.
  • Do not foster indiscipline by wild and unruly behavior.No student should be found outside the classroom or anywhere in the corridor or campus during the class hours. (In case any teacher is on leave spend the time in the library)
  • Punctuality is expected from the students. Normally students will not be allowed inside the class after the second bell. Smoking of tobacco, use of drugs, or alcoholic drinks, carrying of lethal weapons and bursting of crackers are not allowed inside the campus.
  • Never attempt to settle scores with your companions, Principal and staff members by intimidation and assault
  • No outdoor games are allowed during class hours.
  • Students should wear identity card always and uniform as per the schedule.
  • No picnics or excursion can be organized or any type of money collections made without the explicit permission of the Principal.
  • Using mobile phones in the campus is forbidden as per the order of the DEPARTMENT OF COLLEGIATE EDUCATION.
  • If found using the mobile phone in the campus, the phone will be confiscated and appropriate punitive action will be initiated against the offender of this rule.
  • It is mandatory for the students to be inside the campus during college working hours. the gates of the college will be closed at
  • Please Note: Students breaking the above rules will be suspended immediately and if found guilty, after due enquiry, their names will be removed from the roll of the college.
  • The college is not responsible for the conduct of the students outside the campus, however, cognizance will be taken of any misconduct.
  • The college invites the parents to discuss the performance of their children with the faculty and the Principal.


  • Students should wear the prescribed uniform on three days Monday, Wednesday & Friday.
  • Students are expected to be simple and modest in their dress.
  • Sleeveless blouses, short tops, tights, miniskirts, low waist jeans, half pants and shorts are not permitted.

Identity Card

  • Once the admission fee is paid, each student will be given an identity card with the photograph affixed.
  • It is mandatory to wear it always and produced whenever demanded by the parking supervisor, the faculty or staff, library, laboratory, or the security personnel in the campus.
  • Without the identity card no requests will be entertained in the college office.
  • Students will not be permitted to attend the class if they don’t wear identity cards.

Parking of Vehicles

  • Park your vehicles in the stand provided for the purpose near the entrance of the college.
  • No students are supposed to sit in the parking area or on the parked vehicles.
  • Students are not allowed to park four wheelers.
  • The management is not responsible either for the theft or any damage caused.
  • Students are not allowed to bring two wheelers which make disturbing sound.
  • The final decision whether or not to allow a vehicle inside the campus is left to the management.
  • Vehicles will be allowed inside the campus only if valid passes are shown.
  • Students should take passes from the college office at the time of admission every year.